Round Towers V Walterstown                              10 FEBRUARY 2018   The Under 17s travelled to Kilmainham for their first Spring League Division Two match.    The hosts deserve great credit for the condition of the pitch, given the time of year and recent […]

Laochra Gael Returns , Geraghty special on 7th March

Understanding Lar Corbett      (Wednesday, February 28th at 9:30 pm) Lar Corbett’s legacy includes some of the greatest hurling moments to grace the modern game. But in sport and even in everyday life people have found it deceptively difficult to zone into him. Sporting great, colourful storyteller and born-again business entrepreneur the first episode in the series explores the […]

Referees Fees 2018

SENIOR & INTERMEDIATE CHAMPIONSHIP ONLY: Single Journey (4 neutral umpires’ names must be provided)  €50.00 Single Journey (with at least 2 neutral umpires) €40.00 Single Journey (with no umpires) €30.00         Second game at same venue an extra €20.00 JUNIOR & U-21 ONLY: Single Journey (with at least 2 neutral umpires) €40.00 Single Journey (with […]

Match Report Walterstown V Ballinabrackey

A League Div 2 Round 2                                                                 Sunday 4th Feb Walterstown V Ballinabrackey This was the first home game for Walterstown in the 2018 season, and after the opening defeat against Duleek Bellwestown, manager Eoin Carroll was looking for an improved performance from his charges. This time Ballinabrackey were the opponents on a crisp February Sunday […]

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