Saturday 13th October : Walterstown  : 8pm 

Tickets are 10

Contact Mary 087 2230174

The ever popular Seamus returns to Walterstown in October with his latest play.

This will be the 8th play that Seamus will perform in Walterstown following the very successful showings of , For Club & Country, Padraig Potts Guide to Walking, Danger Money, The Quareland, Indegistion, The Cavan Curse and From Under the Bed.

Seamus O’Rourke joins forces with director Charles McGuinness — The team who brought us ‘Padraig Potts’ Guide to Walking’ — And once again we can expect a bit of everything…

Sat 13th October

And thank you… is a play about an ordinary man living in rural Ireland who gets saved… Saved from a life of pub talk and prophesising. King John O’Sullivan used to be able to drink fifteen pints without having to piddle, now, it’s every nine. Going to the Gents so often can wear a man out.

The story is told by the Reverend Thaddaeus Clancy and O’Sullivan’s two sons, Larry O and Martin. The sons run the family shop while Daddy, the King of McKenna’s Bar makes up the rules.

It’s a story of hard work and success and dangling. There’s bad driving and ice hockey and there’s falling down. When the ‘Divel’ starts to gnaw, the kingdom will fall.

And thank you…

Cast: Seamus O’Rourke
Directed by Charles McGuinness