National Vetting Bureau Act

Time of Changes to Garda Vetting procedure

  • 7 April 2016: The GAA shall cease accepting any paper vetting applications from

members and units of the Association as and from close of business on 7 April 2016.  Any vetting application received after that date shall not be processed for forwarding to the Garda Central Vetting Bureau due to their own cut off dates.

  • 15 April 2016: The Garda Central Vetting Bureau shall cease accepting vetting forms from GAA in advance of the commencement of E Vetting on 15 April 2016.  Any forms that have been accepted by the Garda Central Vetting Bureau up to and including that date shall be processed.
  • 1 May 2016: The GAA shall commence E-Vetting and shall as a matter of priority concentrate on retrospective vetting and on the e-vetting of new applicants.

What does the Act state in relation to vetting personnel e.g. coaches of underage teams

In accordance with the Act it is an offence if we fail to vet a GAA nominated person who subsequently works with children on our behalf. Section 12 of the Act prohibits the engagement of persons to do relevant work or activities relating to children or other vulnerable persons, unless that person has been subject to the vetting procedures under the Act.

Enforced by  Law;

Any person currently vetted by the GAA is covered under the Act as their vetting acceptance in essence transfers over under the new Act.  For the purpose of clarification the National Vetting Bureau Act in GAA terms applies to any person who carries out a role of responsibility with an underage player i.e. a person who is under 18 yrs. of age.  This also applies to any coach, manager, selector of a senior squad if that squad includes a person under 18 yrs. of age.  The Act also covers those who work with vulnerable adults.


Any pending forms with be processed as normal, then they will begin the process of re-processing those people already vetted.


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