Walterstown V Skryne                                              Thrs 02/06/2016 7pm in Walterstown

Walterstown faced local rivals Skryne in the U12 Group B Semi final on a beautiful evening in Walterstown. Not long ago Skryne got the better of Walterstown by 10 points in their league game, which to that point was their only defeat of the campaign.

Both teams were very evenly matched and at half time Walterstown edged it slightly going into the break. Slowly Skryne started to reel Walterstown in and in the end the final score were:

Match 1 Skryne 28 Walterstown 27

Match 2 Skryne 12 Walterstown 9

Combined Score Skryne 40 Walterstown 36

The level of skill on display from both sides on the evening was very impressive, and whilst the result may be disappointing, we would like to thank all the lads and management for all their efforts throughout the league.