All of the Coiste Fe18 spring competitions are all now up and running in hurling and football. Despite the erratic weather, most games are being played with excellent cooperation from club managers and secretaries.

Coiste Fe18 are however requesting additional support from clubs on 2 items which are already covered in the 2017 Coiste Fe18 regulations sent to all clubs earlier this year – and at

12. All Coiste Fe18 leagues and championships are 15 a side at all divisions. All games except Division 1 Minor Hurling & Football championships can be played with reduced numbers if one or both teams do not have 15 players subject to the following: a) The team list including the full panel of players must be provided to the referee prior to the commencement of the game. b) Playing numbers are determined by the team with the lowest number of players who must start all players as listed in a) above (ie no subs) and a minimum of 11 players.

4. Any Club wishing to request an alteration to a proposed fixture that has not yet been officially confirmed via email from Rúnaí Coiste Fe18 must follow this procedure. 1) Contact the other Club involved and make request for change, if no new date/time is agreed then game goes ahead as fixed. 2) If Agreement is reached then both clubs shall email Rúnaí Coiste Fe18 with justification for moving game and proposed rescheduled date/time/venue –. Coiste Fe18 in consultation with C.C.C.C. will decide if the requested change can be accommodated and notify both clubs if the request is approved or not. 3) If the altered fixture fails to materialise as agreed, then the C.C.C.C. will decide to whom the match/points will be awarded to.

Please ensure that secretaries and managers are aware of these and all Coiste Fe18 regulations BEFORE making requests.