Understanding Lar Corbett      (Wednesday, February 28th at 9:30 pm)

Lar Corbett’s legacy includes some of the greatest hurling moments to grace the modern game. But in sport and even in everyday life people have found it deceptively difficult to zone into him. Sporting great, colourful storyteller and born-again business entrepreneur the first episode in the series explores the immensely entertaining enigma that is Lar Corbett.   


The Real Graham Geraghty       (Wednesday, 7th March at 9:30 pm)

Talented, unorthodox, volatile, and photo-friendly Graham Geraghty proved larger than life gift to the emerging tabloid culture of the 1990s and noughties. From controversial and outrageously gifted footballer to social worker helping young people to repair their fractured lives – Graham’s journey has been a roller coaster ride of incident and anecdote. 


Ashling Thompson – Warrior Woman    (Wednesday, 14thMarch at 9:30 pm)

All-Star camogie player, All Ireland winning captain and one of only four Irish Red Bull sponsored athletes – model, mental health advocate and darling of the media – but there was a time when Ashling’s future looked so bleak she wasn’t even sure she had one. This episode traces Ashling’s heroic struggle to the apex of Camogie – overcoming career-threatening injury and her crippling slump into darkness and depression.  


Henry Shefflin – King of the Cats     (Wednesday, 21st March at 9:30 pm)

Henry Shefflin’s slow but painstaking apprenticeship in the sorcery of the sliotar finally saw him emerge as perhaps the greatest hurler of all time – with a matchless record of 10 All Ireland medals, and a galaxy of All-Star awards. But Henry was more than the king of hurling and this episode reveals an intensely human side to this superman of the hurling field. 


Mickey Harte – Unquenchable Spirit     (Wednesday, 28th March at 9:30 pm)

In many ways the father of contemporary football with a historic reign as one of football’s most effective managers, a personal life scarred by loss and his daughter’s horrific murder. Mickey Harte has ploughed his own furrow with the occasional controversial consequence but his spirit and passion for life and the GAA remain unquenched.  


The series comprises of five very different hours and five very different personalities. But emotion, insight, entertainment and drama are guaranteed in each. The ambition of the series is to retain the core following that the Laochra Gael series has built up over the years while broadening its appeal to a new and wider audience.