B League Div 2  Walterstown Vs Nobber

14th March 2017

Walterstown played Nobber in Nobber on Tues last in the B League Div 2.

Nobber got off to the better start against a Walterstown side who were fielding several players playing their first adult match. By half time they were 1-9 to 5 points ahead of the Blacks. In the second half it was more of the same. Nobber’s ability to score goals meant they always had a comfortable lead. Though Walterstown never gave up, Nobber won with a final score of 3-11 to 0-8

Walterstown C Lydon D Halligan, B McGrane, C Cullen, A Wall, E McAllsister, Kashif Ali, J Coogan (0-2), C Farrelly (0-1), S Irwin, B O Connell ( 0-2, 1F), N Freeman, M Foy, K Devine (0-1), F Cosgrove. Subs:: C Cassidy for D Halligan, D Menton for E McAllister, P Donnellan for J Coogan, D Traynor for F Cosgrove, P McCabe for K Devine, D Keegan For C Lydon, , C Madden (0-2), E Mc Mahon,  M Donnellan