Latest News 20:10:2016

Getting close now, Program Book for the evening signed off and all sponsors adds are in. Thanks to all the local, national & international individuals and companies for your support. Well done to the dancers for securing in excess of 160 sponsors in total.


Caroline Lysis with Ambrose Clinton,

In not so good news, we sadly have lost a dancer. Caroline Lysis was in a road traffic accident last Friday, whilst on her way up to the club for practice and the video diary shoot. Unfortunately she was taken to hospital and had a series of scans on her back earlier in the week. Today the confirmation came through that she sadly wont be able to dance on the night. We wish her a speedy recovery.


At this stage now our Judges, Song Choices, M.C, Transport (John Barry), Hair (Crew Barber & Ben Garry) are all confirmed and our dancers can be seen now almost every evening up at the club practicing.