On Monday evening, Walterstown u-16 girls played away to Skryne in round 4 of their Spring League.  The match kicked off shortly after seven in good weather conditions.  The teams were well matched and treated spectators to a gripping game of football. Skryne were first off the mark with a point in the first few minutes of play. Shortly after, a pass from midfield into the hands of Kate McCarthy found the net and Walterstown were on their way.

Eleanor Murchan, Olivia Sullivan and Laura Fox worked tirelessly in the midfield area, delivering quality balls to the Walterstown forwards,  Eimear Tobin, Rachel Hennelly and Carina Boyle battled hard  against a well organised Skryne pack.  Marie McCarthy for Walterstown was on the receiving end of quality passes which resulted in her scoring two further goals and a point for Walterstown before half time, taking us 2 points ahead at the half time whistle. 

Skryne came back in the second half a more determined outfit and the scoring in the first 10 minutes reflected this, with Skryne  putting one in the net and another over the bar.  Indeed, had it not been for the Trojan work of the Walterstown backs, the game could have gone further in their favour.  Kim Myles, Sadhbh Murtagh and Aoife Farrell held steadfast, winning balls and clearing them out of the danger zone.  Ciara Looby in goals held her cool,  making some excellent saves and delivering kickouts with pin point accuracy. Halfbacks,  Leanne O`Neill, Antonia Brady and Anna Frazer   never relented.  They covered huge ground and kept the pressure on throughout the game, intercepting and turning round balls with precision.

Fifteen minutes into halftime a long range kick from Laura Fox, found Kate McCarthy who scored another badly needed goal.  This was followed up immediately by another goal from Marie which eased tensions and brought us 5 points ahead.  Skryne kept up the pressure right to the end, closing the gap down to 1 point at the final whistle.

Ciara Looby, Leanne O’Neill, Sadhbh Murtagh, Kym Moyles, Anna Frazer, Antonia Brady, Aoife Farrell, Eleanor Murchan, Kate McCarthy, Laura Fox, Olivia O’Sullivan, Rachel Hennelly, Eimear Tobin, Marie McCarthy, Carina Boyle

Final score:    5:2 to 4:4

Next match against Kilbride.