After an overnight hack this morning the website ( was re-directed to an inappropriate site.
Unfortunately this coincided with the launch of the Easter Disco Tickets sales which went on sale today.

We would like to apologise for any distress or discomfort this may have caused.

This re-direct was eventually stopped by 2pm today by shutting down and turning off sections of this website.

 The website will look a little odd until it is rebuilt over the coming days. But is currently safe to visit and use, there just may be a few broken links.

This re-direct would not have happened for anyone who had an up-to date anti virus software installed on the device they were using. If you were redirected to this inappropriate website, the device you are using does not have anti-virus software / or has out of date software.

We only redirect to two sites, Meath GAA and Clubforce and these typically are buttons or icons that you must click to launch the link, if in doubt close the link.

Unfortunately these are the times we currently live in, there are multiple attacks on the website every week,99% of which fail, but every now and then they succeed. These hacks are designed to drive users who visit safe sites to malicious sites that contain Trojans, spyware , and worse and are typically already blacklisted.