Walterstown ladies started their league campaign v Ratoath on Monday night.

Walterstown had the advantage of a very strong cross wind in the first half but defences on both sides were very resolute and chances were hard to come by, the play ebbed and flowed from end to end in the first half with the only score coming from a Julie Donnellan free in the 25th minute.

The blacks were not in the mood to concede and weathered an early onslaught at the beginning of the 2nd half and with Ratoath managing 1 point in a 15 minute period. With 15 minutes gone the Walterstown girls moved the ball from their own goal line with Jennie Finley latching on to the final pass to blast the ball in to the top of the net. Ratotah got a lucky break 2 minutes later when the ref was unsighted as one of the girls in black was picking up the ball a Ratoath player drew on it and landed it in the back of the net. Ratoath scored 2 points in the last 10 minutes to go 1 ahead and into injury time the Walterstown girls should have been awarded a free with a chance to level the game however it was not to be.

The Walterstown team are a very young team and can look forward to the upcoming games after a very strong performance in the opening match.


Walterstown Team: J.Daly, Y.Hynes, M.O’Neill, L.O’Neill, R.Daly, J.Finley, A.Brady, E.Hennelly, J.Donnellan, A.Lawes, A.O’Sullivan, A.McCormack, B.Duffy, M.Gray, C.Louise