Mini Street Leagues will be run during Meath’s GAA Go Games Summer break which
will ensure a continuation of football and fun games through the summer period.
 Starting Saturday 20th July (then ran over 3 more consecutive Saturdays with a Mini
Street League Final/Party Day).
 Teams Involved (Mixed Boys & Girls):
U6s – (No competitive matches/will play an exhibition U6 match on final day)
U7s – Approx. 21 players (3 x 6/7 aside teams) Will play an invitation match each
week against Dunderry GAA
U8s/U9s – Approx. 40 players (6 x 7/8 aside teams)
U10s/U11s/U12 Girls – Approx. 90 players (8 x 10/11 aside teams)
Note: Players will not be graded however we ask each coach to assist in ensuring
teams are balanced.
 Each team will have a “Bainisteoir”, “Maor Uisce” & “Maor Foirne” – Idea is to get
as many coaches, parents & siblings involved
Maor Uisce – Can be a parent wanting to get involved
Maor Foirne– Can be an older sibling or older boy/girl from the older teams (U12
 Teams will be picked and allocated a “County Team & Colour” for the duration of the
Mini Street League.
 Preference is to have No Subs – all players are to play. Teams should field the same
number of players (may have to balance numbers on the day to ensure every child is
 Matches will be started and finished by a centrally timed hooter – Team managers
must ensure their team is ready on the allocated pitch 10mins before each match.
 All games will be 20 minutes long with start, half-time and full-time sounded
centrally on the hooter
 No wins, draws or loses will be recorded however Go Games scoring and football
rules apply to all games
To encourage & mentor the boys & girls to develop their kicking skills, a scoring
breakdown is suggested as 1 point for a Goal and 3 points for over the bar. This will
encourage the skill of scoring over the bar. Young Whistlers will keep score and
submit to organisers
 Gumshields are mandatory, players without gumshields will not be allowed to play.
 Two touch football only e.g. one hop, one solo or two solos then release the ball.
 Mixed teams therefore no contact permitted – no shouldering.
 Near hand tackle is the ONLY tackle permitted.
 Girl players can pick ball up, boys to use the pickup skill.

Mini Street League Spirit & Code of Conduct

Walterstown GFC subscribes to and promotes the GAA code of conduct and expects this of
all juvenile players participating. Players along with team mentors, parents and supporters
are expected to demonstrate respect for the game, each other, teammates/other teams,
referees, street league helpers and our club. Young Whistlers will be in place on the day to
referee all the games. The Young Whistlers are to be treated with respect at all times by
EVERYONE – players, coaches, parents and spectators. Identified offenders who verbally
shout at or abuse our young whistlers will be asked to leave, to ensure the enjoyment of the
children is not compromised.
Most importantly we encourage everyone to have FUN