Under the guidance of our Games Development Officer Sarah Doran, the 100 Touch Challenge Schools final in both Lismullen NS and St Stephen’s have now been completed.

In Lismullen there was three class winners, while there are nine class winners from St Stephen’s. 

The overall winner from both school will make it through to the county final of the event in Pairc Tailteann in Navan on December 5. 

Since school returned in Meath Games Development Officers have coached no less than 36 classes, meaning over 900 children in our communities are benefitting from their expertise and guidance. In all 317 children have taken part in the 100 Touch Challenge. 

We here in Walterstown would like to wish the finalists in both schools the very best of luck and also congratulate them on coming out on top in the class competition. 

Walterstown GFC 100 Touch Challenge 2020

The 100 Touch Challenge finalists from Lismullen NS