Well done to our U11 boys who took part in a 4 week skills challenge recently. Each Saturday during the month of January at 10am the boys were set a challenge by their mentors which incorporated multiple elements of their fundamental skills that they have been practicing.

There were some great challenges set each week which really tested the boy’s fundamental skills and ABCs. But most importantly it was about fun!. Well done to all the boys for taken part!

Now with their skills challenge complete, they now take on ‘Ireland Fittest Team’ challenge for the next four weeks. Every Saturday at 10am the boys are going to be set a weekly challenge from the popular ‘Irelands Fittest Family’ show. The focus is on encouraging the boys to keep active and have some fun in trying to beat the challenges.

This week’s challenge is the ‘Wall Sit’ challenge. Can they take on the famous Wall Sit challenge? Can you hold the position for 60 seconds or even beat the score and register a high score? We can’t wait to find out!

Best of luck boys, keep an eye out for the mentor’s message in the morning (Saturday) and don’t forget to post your scores with the mentors.