The match was played in Walterstown on the new back pitch, which was in great condition considering the amount of rain it soaked up over the last few months. The pitches were lined out at 90 x 45 metres, a medium sized sod for the looming battle between Walterstown and Duleek.

The teams were picked, the jerseys were on, the lads were warmed-up, they had their final instructions, and it was all up to them now, as the referees blew the start of the game.

From the throw in, the pace was set very high by Duleek, as they scored several points in succession in the first quarter with a couple of shots in retort from the Walterstown boys. The Duleek midfield was strong and rivalled Walterstowns, with the opposition winning a lot of the kick outs, and sending the ball straight into theirforwards. The Walterstown defence kept the score board contained with their valiant pressure added to every shot from the Duleek forwards costing them to shoot several wides. The battle continued at this high pace with Walterstown on the back foot.Thecoaches made a few positional changes mid match, but the Duleek management countered the tactics by man marking several of the Walterstown players. The score board at half time reflected the pressure Duleek were imposing on Walterstown in both matches, with the Walterstown boys trailing on the scoreboard by several points.

The teams came in for the half time chat to recoup with some Jaffa’s and tactics. They started the second half with a renewed fire in their bellies and were ready to impose their mental and physical strength on the Duleek team.

This time the pace was going to be set by the Walterstown boys on their home turf in front of family, friends and loved ones. They weren’t going down without a fight, theydug deep and began to show the opposition who they really were.

Walterstown stretched the Duleek midfielders to either side of the pitch, killing off their tactic of straight up the middle and commanding the midfield. The Walterstown goalies executed theirkick outs to a Tee and found theblack jerseys in the midfield with ease.The second half played onwith Walterstown dominating the midfield and sending the ball up to their waiting sharpshooters who took every shot with great precision securing the scores to clutch the draw on one pitch and then to win by two points on the other pitch.

The key indicator for the Walterstownboys was the display of mental strength and resiliency to play as a team and never put the head down. Theyfought for every single score and demonstrated the basics of being a team by pulling together in face of defeat and emerge as the Victors.

Well done to the Under 12 boys on a brilliant hard fought win and we wish Duleek all the best in their future matches.

Come On You Boys In Black…..COYBIB!!!


Report thanks to A.Heffernan