The club are pleased to announce that our weekly club lotto draw will return this Sunday night, January 24.

A number of week’s ago the club temporarily suspended the weekly draw due to the hybrid nature in which we run the lottery. A number of members play our lotto online, however many members also play it via the traditional envelope method as this was the reason for the temporary suspension. Annual lotto tickets holders will have their entries extended to cover the week’s missed by the latest suspension. 

Following a recent committee meeting, the club has decided to resume this Sunday night. As usual, envelopes will be available in Curran’s Texaco Garage on the Dublin Road and you can also play online here. Our lotto draw, which is done by a computer, will be recorded and uploaded to our social media channels in order to be transparent. 

We appreciate your continued support for our lotto, which is a vital fundraiser for the club, particularly under the current circumstances. 

If anyone has any queries about the resumption of the lotto draw, please email and we will be happy to help.