Nobber v Walterstown

The men in black travelled to Nobber on Saturday evening to take on Nobber in round nine of the AFL Division 2 League. Rain threatened throughout the game on what was a soft evening. Nobber were the first to register a score before great work from Ruari O Dowd saw his shot cannon off the cross bar and over the bar for Walterstown’s first point. Walterstown were the better team in the first half and went into the break with a six point lead

Half Time Nobber 0:03 Walterstown 0:09

Nobber V Walterstown 2 Nobber V walterstown 3

(Pic Above , Cormac Madden playing air guitar, sorry Cormac, (actually pic of Cormac scoring one of his two first half points, and Walterstown’s John Geoghegan attacking the Nobber goal)

Nobber started the brighter in the second half registering two points in the early stages only to be cancelled out by A Crosbie and Brian O Connell. Nobber fought back again registering two more points but that was to be more less it as the blacks registered four more points before the final whistle.

Final Score Nobber 0:08 Walterstown 0:15

Next up for Walterstown: Walterstown V Meath Hill on Friday @7:45

Scorers for Walterstown: B O Connell 0:04, A Crosbie 0:03, R Barry 0:03 F , R O Dowd 0:02, C Madden 0:02,  F Cosgrove 0:01